[NeW] RunTime cRypter! {-Seal-Protector-} Profissional cRypter + Full Options x+ Advenced Features /HelpFul Price (Original) - Farkata @ Corporation

[NeW] RunTime cRypter! {-Seal-Protector-} Profissional cRypter + Full Options x+ Advenced Features /HelpFul Price (Original)

Author :HAO Crypter
publishing Date :07-05-2018
Language :en
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Buy One of The Most Engaging crypters on the Internet Seal-Protector is a New Powerful Crypter Coded with [C#]

Seal-Protector is indispensable tool to secure your programs content form curious researchers and crackers also prevent detection by antivirus programs

Protect your .exe or files with Seal-Protector

+ Stable
+ 100%FUD
+ SandBox All 360 Clean File
+ No Dependencies
+ Full Unicode Support
+ Supports x86 & x64
+ Functional for all RatsSupports Most Native, VB.NET & C# Applications
+ 6 Method Crypt RC4, RUndeal, poly, Xor, Stairs, PolyAES, PolyRSM.
+ Injections
+ Compatibile Binder
+ Assembly Changer

ContaCt us And Buy Now 80$ 60$ (Use Chat Box) or:

Skype : haocrypter
more details at the website : http://www.cryptersfud.com
Facbook : https://web.facebook.com/Anon.Ba7ri
Payment paypall : cofre008@gmail.com

Collect Your Bonus

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