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Life is (Poetry)

Date de publication :03-06-2018
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Catigorie :Poetry
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Life is ()

Life is like a flower bloom
in the branches
Life is like a fairies wheel.
Life is it hard to say,
That you will be okay
Life is full of temptation
and discouraged
Life is full of problems
that we face
Life is full of mystery and
secret that we hide.
Life is judging each other
They hatred instead of
Loving our enemy.
Life is the gift from GOD
that we have too make
Life is like a river they flow in
the stream
they flow in the water on the
Sometimes we give up
Sometimes we fall down
among the people who
Hurt you
Life is not perfect we have
Done in every situation
In our life

Life must go on dont Give-up and be strong

God is with you
No Matter what happened
No matter what the people
Say against to you
God is always with you
Do not be afraid my

Instead of giving up Just
face it
Never lost hope be brave
And you can do everything
Nothing is impossible
All things are possible
Believe and trust not
Also on yourself but
Trust in god and he
Will lead you the right

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